Hello. My name is James Rich, AKA "BuckWild" and I am the Owner and Founder of BuckWild Skates.

My Goal when starting BuckWild Skates was to search out and find great products and bring them to the skate community. From Shirts and Hats. Pants to Knee Pads, Wheels to Boots and every other skate part, I really wanted to bring my expertise in not only skate wear that keeps you safe and clothed to skate products that are of the best quality to skate and have fun in.

Skating has been a part of my life for over 45 years. I grew up playing hockey on roller skates in a parking garage to having skated with friends from all around the world in skating rinks, on beach pathways, tennis courts, basketball courts, and any other place with a flat smooth surface that I could find to hone in on this amazing craft and to better and perfect my roller skating skills.

You could say that I'm a skate junkie. My Personal Playground. Venice Beach, CA where you can find me regularly wearing out my BuckWild Skate Wheels, Plates, Boots, Bearing, Bushings, Trucks, Shoelaces, Toe-stops, Screws, Bolts and Body Parts.

I choreograph skate routines, still to this day, and have been in Commercials, Music Videos, Movies (One of which is "Roller Dreams", the Documentary Movie that I am a principle skater in) and Skated in Performances from Concerts with Major Artists, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties as well as Corporate Events and the list goes on and on. I have been very blessed with an ability to be an artist showing my talent in many skate arenas.

We Love To Skate here at BuckWild Skates and we want to Thank You for stopping by and taking a look through our store and maybe purchasing something that can help your skating ability and career.

Please reach out to us HERE if you ever have a question, comment, idea or concern about skating or the BuckWild Product Line.

We would be happy to hear what you have to contribute. We are an open book and never to proud to hear about anything that can better our product line and help grow the BuckWild Brand.

Thank You and Happy Skating,

James Rich AKA "BuckWild"